About us

Green Waters was founded in 2007, and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). The foundation is composed of founding members Stella Evelyne Tesha and Bianka Wettin, advisors and committed foundation members.
The main task of founding members is to embrace the vision of the organization while making decisions related to rganization activities.Founding members are also accountable for the foundation expenses and revenue. 
Our members make their contribution according to their capacities in terms of knowledge, experience and availability. 
Founding members act as advisors and consultants on different issues, ranging from creativity,financial to sustainability management.

Our vision is to ensure sustainable development, by supporting social-economic growth which is inclusive and respectful of all humans rights, and also to advocate for change towards democracy, sustainable development and environmental sustainability.

Our mission is to work with our partners to empower contribution towards building democracy, ensuring human rights, social-economic inclusion, sustainable development and environmental decision making .
We aim to achieve this by offering our services to facilitate building of development partnerships between institutions from Tanzania and from Europe, and by offering opportunities for consultation with our experts.


  1. Support in creating an atmosphere whereby human rights and democracy are second nature:
    It is important to Green Waters that empowerment of some does not disempower others. We try to ensure that our potential partners gain enough knowledge and tools to support this understanding.
  2. Identifying existing needs in Tanzania: 
    In order to be able to offer relevant assistance in terms of advice and assisting withbuilding partnerships, we invite businesses and other institutions in Tanzania to communicate with us about their requirements.
  3. Identifying potential development partners:
    In order to identify potential partners for businesses and other institutions in Tanzania, we reach out to make necessary contacts.
  4. General Green Waters advisory and consultation services will only focus on sustainable development, project management and environmental management.
  5. Specific trainings for the purpose of technology transfer, social justice or other will depend on requirements and will mainly be as per agreement with our partners


  1. Advising partners in Tanzania about our vision and objectives.
  2. Collecting partners advise about requirements.
  3. Making partners visible on our website.
  4. Matching the requirements of our Tanzania partners with interested partners in Europe.
  5. Acting as a coordinator, and offering advisory support to our organization partners.
  6. Giving advice and consultation opportunities about sustainable development and environmental management.

From the founding 2007 until this year, Green Waters foundation has been 95% self-supporting. To ensure the sustainability of our services, established organizations which require our services, will be charged a reasonably small fee, relevant to the service requested.
As a foundation with an ideal aim, Green Waters is always happy to acquire financial assistance, including donations, sponsoring and other forms of income, in order to be able to implement our objectives effectively.

For any individual or organization interested in assisting, please contact us at greenwaters@green-waters.org

In all of our work, we will strive for transparency and responsible use of our resources, fairness in our relations, accountability, integrity, participatory decision making, continuous improvement and excellence.

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