Mitindo ya kimataifa project Tanzania

We decided to do this project because most of us have had the opportunity to earn a steady income and with that, have certain securities in life. But we also know that there are many women who wake up in the morning with fear in their hearts and worries on their minds.

When we are sick, we go to the doctor or even to the hospital. We don’t have to worry about the medical bills because our health insurance will cover it. But what if you’re not even able to pay for food every day, let alone for health insurance?

With our first project we aim to create such an opportunity for women in Tanzania. The first stage is to start with the target group of talented tailors, who have so far been working independently and produce merely enough to make ends meet.

There are many other reasons behind this project, here we can give you an idea of what kind of target groups we are aiming to empower. Make sure you also read here more about the women who are the inspiration of "MIKITA".

For more details on the different stages of our project, please click here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at should you have any further questions or suggestions.

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