Our Team

Stella is a global citizen with a passion for sustainable development.
​​​She is a qualified sustainability and environmental expert, a financial professional and a published author.
Stella is a firm believer that sustainability is everyone’s responsibility, therefore it is important to ensure ​that everyone has the capacity and the opportunity to participate.
​Throughout a professional career Stella has been blessed to work with experts in different fields of knowledge with amazing tolerance for diverse perspectives. Stella’s natural curiosity and appreciation of diversity has 
enabled her to learn different expertise both informally and formally.
She is a qualified academic in environmental management, sustainable development, international development, social studies, ISO certification standards, international policies as well as international politics and governance.
Stella gives credit of academic accomplishments to the Open University of UK and professional ​accomplishments ​​to all the outstanding colleagues she has worked or works with.

Her motto is:
„There is something to learn from anyone and from any situation.“  

Having lived and worked abroad for 12 years, Bianka has not only met people from different countries but also   from different upbringings, beliefs and ethics. This has shown her that – with some effort and enough respect for    each other – it is possible to work, live and enjoy life together no matter your background. 
Throughout her professional career Bianka has worked in the USA, Ireland, the Netherlands and Germany, mainly in Credit- and Debitcontrol for larger international companies. 

Her motto is:
The impossible is possible if you work together. 

Jaymie  is a global citizen with a passion for international human rights.
She is a qualified international law expert and specialized in international human rights law and international environmental law.​
Jaymie is a firm believer that human rights are universal and inalienable, and that not only civil and political but also social rights should be emphasized. ​She has obtained a Master of Laws in Public International Law and gives credit of academic accomplishments to Leiden University.
Throughout her professional career Jaymie has been blessed to work with legal professionals in several countries ​​and worked for various international courts, among others in departments ​specialized in ​victims’ rights.

Melissa  is a global citizen with a passion for  gender and racial equity.
Having worked both as an educator and a management assistant for several years, she has experienced firsthand the effects of inequity within various aspects of life. 
Melissa is a firm believer, that by strengthening the quantity, quality and equity of education we can strengthen the basis of our society and all whom live within it. Therefore, she endeavors to educate and advovate for those often left behind by society so that the may compete on an equal footing. 

Her motto is:
She who has a why can endure any how. 

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