Partnership Agreement Policy

The policy relates to types of partnerships we may make in relation to Green Waters Foundation.
Green Waters is willing to make partnerships with organisations which are interested to invest in corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects which are in alignment with United Nations millennium development goals.

Project timelines will be discussed and agreed between key stakeholders, that being Green Waters Foundation and the business partner(s).

Green Waters is not an income generating organisation. Partnership with organisations for the purpose of implementation of CSR projects will require complete funding by the business partner.

Our range of expertise include financial administration, project development, project management, environmental decision making, environmental impacts assessments, ISO14001 consultation, and capital investment consultation in relation to projects for improving environmental performance of organisations, sustainability advisory services.

Green Waters management team is willing to discuss possible projects (other than listed on Green Waters website) with interested parties. Our team reserves the right to decline the project before contracts are signed.

Green Waters management team will work together with partners as agreed, and discuss the different project stages with partner(s) as agreed.

Green Waters Foundation

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