Winning Initiatives For Enviromental Sustainability

This project is focused on reduction of the ecological foot print, as a means to fight poverty.

Ecological footprint
Ecological footprint (EF) is an idea which was developed with a purpose to make people realise, how their use of earth resources limits the sustainability of those resources. Therefore, failure to reduce our EF will lead to the decline of the resources and the earth inhabitants won’t be able to survive or maintain existing lifestyles. The earth is portrayed as a dome of which limited earth inhabitants and resources are trapped in. It is up to the inhabitants to learn the best ways of utilizing the resources, in order to make them last longer as well as to maintain the best quality and the possible renewal of the resources, such as the Rainforest and biodiversity.

W.I.F.E.S  first project is about creative recycling of household waste. This includes paper, textiles, plastic, ceramics, tins, bottles and other materials you would normally throw away.

The first project aims at raising awareness. The EcoCal tool will be used as anindicator on how our daily habits have influence on environment. This is a survey tool created by Best Foot Forward (http://www.bestfootforward.com/).

Our mission is to involve more people in the community in projects under W.I.F.E.S, so that the impact of the project can be bigger and sustainable.

W.I.F.E.S. 2009 - 2010

W.I.F.E.S is a Rotterdam Ijsselmonde project of Green Waters Foundation.

This project will be made possible with the financial support of:
Dit project komt mede tot stand met financiële steun van de: 
Stichting Nieuwe Rotterdamse Cultuur
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