Green Waters Sustainable Development Objectives

  1. Support in creating an atmosphere whereby human rights and democracy are second nature:
    It is important to Green Waters that empowerment of some does not disempower others. We try to ensure that our potential partners gain enough knowledge and tools to support this understanding.
  2. Identifying existing needs in Tanzania: 
    In order to be able to offer relevant assistance in terms of advice and assisting withbuilding partnerships, we invite businesses and other institutions in Tanzania to communicate with us about their requirements.
  3. Identifying potential development partners:
    In order to identify potential partners for businesses and other institutions in Tanzania, we reach out to make necessary contacts.
  4. General Green Waters advisory and consultation services will only focus on sustainable development, project management and environmental management.
  5. Specific trainings for the purpose of technology transfer, social justice or other will depend on requirements and will mainly be as per agreement with our partners

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