Happy Watoto – Happy Children! 


Thank you to everyone who has donated for "Make a difference this Christmas" last year!

The purpose of this project was to buy 2016 Christmas presents for the orphans, so that they too can enjoy the festive season. Unfortunately, there were unavoidable delays and the project took longer to implement than expected.

First, the bank took almost 3 weeks to make a successful transfer to Tanzania account and the money was received by the end of January. Then it was necessary to get personally in touch with the existing orphanages. It turned out that some of the more 'needy' orphanages have now been dissolved and the children moved to bigger orphanages. Therefore we had to start our research from scratch.

Then our chosen project coordinator got very ill and it was more important to put health first. Eventually we were able to re-connect with the director of Happy Watoto house, whom we had worked with on previous projects. Happy Watoto house management explained that they have been trying to raise funds to buy new clothes for the children as this is not usually included in the normal budget.

On behalf of the Tanzania team of Happy Watoto house and Green Waters, we thank our donors from the bottom of our hearts for making a difference!

Stella Evelyne Tesha & Bianka Wettin
Green Waters Management

Go HERE to read the thank you letter from Walther de Nijs at Happy Watoto house.

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