Perspect Workshop
Date: 12th April 2010
Number of participants: 10 women
Location: Perspect - Susannadijk

On 12th April 2010 project W.I.F.E.S was introduced to a group of women at Perspect Susannadijk Ijsselmonde. The background of Green Waters Foundation and the purpose for project W.I.F.E.S was explained in short.

A group of 10 women participated on a creative recycling workshop knowing that the products they make will be a contribution to our projects in Tanzania, MIKITA and CHANCEMIKITA sponsors marginalized women such as widows, single mothers and women with health problems and/or disabilities to attend skills training courses. CHANCE is a project that is meant to offer secondary school scholarship for orphans in Tanzania.


The group learnt how to make paper jewelry beads and  afterwards created their own necklace designs. They each had a unique style and we are very happy that they donated these necklaces to our organization. The products will be sold on Africa day event, 24th April, Haagse Hogeschol at Green Waters’ stand.

The workshop was organized by Perspect representative Gre Korteweg and given by Artist Stella Evelyne Tesha.  More details will be provided by Perspect and we will add updates soon.

Green Waters Foundation thanks everyone for their participation and contribution.

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