Date: 19th and 23rd March 2012
Target group: Youngsters
Age: 13-15 years
Number of participants: 30
Workshop given by: Miranda Van Denzel
Location: Scholen gemeenschap Nieuw-Zuid
Olympiaweg 395
3078 HT Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Recycle material: Old winter jackets
Extra material: Needles and thread

Miranda Van Denzel, one of the artists in Ijsselmonde participating in project W.I.F.E.S, uses her knowledge as an artist, a mother and a teacher in order to promote environmental sustainability in a fun and creative way. Her latest workshop consisted of converting old winter coats into unique bags.

At first, the students were informed about Tanzania and the projects that are done by Green Waters to promote the women and children who are in a disadvantaged position. After the mandatory discussion on the subject of environmental sustainability and the importance of learning creative recycling, the winter jackets were sorted out.

The jackets were then carefully disassembled  for parts (such as buttons and zippers)  that could then possibly be reused to give each bag their own style.

With some creative use of the disassembled parts a variety of bags was created, each with its own unique style with extra stitches or even pouches in unexpected places. One leather jacket was used in the creation of various belts, which in combination with light summer fabrics came out looking quite fashionable.

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