Date: Friday, 15. May 2009
Duration: 13:00 – 15:00
Target group: The handicapped
Number of participants: 15
Organiser: Green Waters Foundation

This workshop was chosen after careful consideration of the group's capabilities and interests.

Household and industrial scrap; such as buttons, straws, plastics, tubes, stirring spoons, strings, rubber, computer parts, screws, coils and many other parts from different industries.
Additional materials used are tape and different kind of strings.

Results and evaluation
After a 2 hours workshop it showed, that the individuals within the group are skilled and creative. They are motivated and willing to put extra effort into learning more.
The products they've made can be worn. The group can now also make presents for their families and friends by using recycled materials - scrap.

Perhaps the most valuable lesson of this workshop is, that everything can be recycled.
It is important to encourage creativity for this particular group, because we believe this is a niche for most of the participants.

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