Recycling glass jars

Date: Monday, 05. October 2009
Target group: Young people, age 13 to 15
Number of participants: 20
Workshop giver: Miranda van Denzel-TwiltLocation:
Scholen gemeenschap Nieuw- Zuid
Olympiaweg 395

Recycle material: Empty glass jars, Rubbish bags strips, bolletjes plastic, Tea candles.
Additional material: Wool, Soap and beads

Group background
Feedback from the teacher is that the children in this group have psychological problems and difficult situations at home. Their level of understanding (IQ) is average and concentration is usually very low.

Receipt by target group
The class was busy and enthusiastic. This is a group of young people that need encouragement. The activity managed to hold their attention and they were happy to donate their finished products to us, so that we can use them as examples to other groups. The workshop atmosphere was interactive and integrated.

Workshop description
Empty glass jars were cleaned and thereafter colourful sheep wool fibres were made wet by using water & soap, then pressed and rolled around the jars. The students continued to roll different coloured wool against the pot until the glass pots  were almost covered but not quite.
The rubbish bags strips were peeled apart to remove the metal strip inside. Then beads were inserted on the metal strips which were then tied around the mouth of the readily finished glass jars. Once this was done, the pots looked nice and colourful.

Tea light were then put inside and when they were lit, it seemed like the room had different coloured lights, all based on the colours of the sheep wool covering the glass jars.

The workshop was informative, instructive, creative and successful.
The teacher explained the concept of recycling and why it is important to environment. She continuously gave instructions and demonstrated everything step by step, since this was a first time workshop. The mix of colours were chosen by the individuals themselves, and the creations are interesting and different. All the young people managed to make a finished recycled product.

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