Recycling old hats & old handbags using Acryl paint

Date: Friday, 24. April 2009
Duration: 10:30 – 14:30
Place: Kreileroord 222
Target group: The handicapped & some residents of Venenoord
Number of participants: 20
Artist: Denise Kruithof
Organiser: Green Waters Foundation

The work of the artist and examples
The workshop began with Denise Kruithof explaining her work as an artists and showing some of her beautiful paintings, which inspired the group and put everyone in a creative mood. Denise also showed an example of an old handbag, which she had recycled by using the technique we were about to learn.

Basic materials used
Old hats & handbags

The role of painting in creative recycling of household materials
By using Acryl paint, it is easy to make an old bag or hat look new, simply by painting it with a different background colour. Furthermore, by using different designs, it is possible to recreate new fashions, several times. Therefore, instead of throwing away the bags or hats, we extend their use.

The basic principles of using Acryl paint for recycling
While recycling an old handbag or hat, it is a good idea to paint a plain background before creating a design.
Mixing colours can create a new colour. This was demonstrated by using green, yellow and red to create brown.
Painting on a dark background while using dark shades of paint, shows better if the dark paint is mixed with a little bit of white.

Paint on clothes can’t be removed. Therefore, our group used aprons while painting.

How to take care of tools
Denise Kruithof explained how an artist tools can be taken care of, so it can last longer. For example, brushes shouldn’t be left in cleaning water for too long, as then they are spoilt and can’t be used anymore.

It has been a very educational workshop. Pietri Kievit, who usually takes care of the group, asked them if they enjoyed the workshop and what they had learnt from it. Everyone was very enthusiastic and would like to learn to do more with paint and gain enough skills to work on their own.

The participants thanked Denise Kruithof and Stella Tesha (Green Waters) for the workshop with beautiful flower arrangements.

It has been great fun and we are looking forward to more opportunities and financial support for project W.I.F.E.S., to enable us to give more creative recycling workshops to different target groups.

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