Recycling old tableware into Mozaic art

Artists: Miranda van Denzel-Twilt and Judit Meskers

Bouwspeeltuin de Maeterlinck
Maeterlinckweg 61
3076 GA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Date: July 2010
Target group: Children and parents
Number of participants: 20
Age: Four to 66
Sex: male and female

Workshop name: From old tableware to new game
Recycle material: Tableware, tiles and old wood, pawns and dices
Extra material: Glue, jointing compound, tools and tiles

Old tiles and old tableware are being used to create  a big mosaic.

The size of the artwork is  around 1x1.40 meters and is constructed on an old piece of waterproof multiplex that was used in construction. On the multiplex a board game is created using the old tableware and tiles.

The finished board game is placed permanently in the playground so that children can use it. (I.e., for a live version of game of the goose.)

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