Turning Crap into Snap

On March 17th 2010 project W.I.F.E.S was introduced to Ministry VROM, Den Haag.
The background of Green Waters Foundation as well as the purpose of W.I.F.E.S were explained in short.

A group of 12 colleagues took part in the creative recycling working "Turning crap into snap". The workshop was given as a farewell party for their long term colleague Linda Peltzer. Linda is also an advisor for Green Waters.

The group learned how to make jewelery beads and afterwards created their own necklace designs. They each had a unique style and we are very impressed and happy to be inspired by them.

The workshop was organized by Nathalie Harrems and Merlin Murg and implemented by Stella Evelyne Tesha with the assistance of Melissa Tesha.

Green Waters thanks everyone for the participation and contribution.

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