Meet some of the women who are the inspiration behind MIKITA

Lucy went to a tailoring school and has been sewing for 5 years. 
She owns a manual sewing machine on which she works approx. 8 hours a day. 
It is her only means of income. People look for her service once in a while. 
If Lucy would have the chance, she would love to own a saloon or open a bar.

Agnes went to training school and has now been sewing for 2 years. She spends 
12 hours each day behind the manual sewing machine she owns. To increase her
income, Agnes also sells clothes. Agnes would love to open a wholesale shop, a 
hotel or a school if she would have the chance to run her own business.

After attending a tailoring school, Peace is working as a tailor for the past 
2 years, 12 hours each day. She doesn’t own the manual sewing machine she 
uses. People look for her service, which is her only means of income, every day.
Given the chance, Peace would love to be a hair stylist or nurse.

15 years ago Catherine learned from someone else, how to sew. Next to spending 12 hours a day behind her own manual sewing machine, she also trains others. If Catherine had the chance to go into business, it would be dealing Agriculture products.

It is women like Agnes, Catherine, Lucy and Peace that we aim to help. Women with the dream, hope and strength but without the chance or opportunity for a better life. GREEN WATERS wants to help them by building the road and providing directions to get there.

We would like to thank Lucy Oyella, Agnes Kedini, Peace Kobusiyye and Catherine Bayiga for answering our questions and for allowing us to use those as well as their photos on our website.

Photos and text are copyright of Green Waters and may not be used for any other purpose.

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